Our Mission

When we began Snusmail, we set out with a clear mission. That mission is to provide smokers with a healthier and safer alternative to traditional tobacco products.

With our primary focus being on nicotine pouches, we are committed to selling high-quality, tobacco-free products that are both convenient and discreet. As the use of traditional tobacco products continues to decline, nicotine pouches have become an increasingly popular option for those looking to kick the habit and we are here to provide the highest quality products alongside high quality customer service.

Here at Snusmail, we are dedicated to not only providing our customers with the best possible products but also to educating them on the many benefits of using an alternative for nicotine instead of cigarettes. By prioritizing the health and well-being of our customers, we hope to make a positive impact on the world of smoking cessation.

About Snusmail

Snusmail is the outcome from when a group of visionaries with decades of experience in eCommerce unite to bring their knowledge and experience in alternative nicotine products together and create a brand that is passionate and determined about giving people safer and healthier alternatives to get their nicotine.

Having previous experience in the field of Electronic Cigarettes, different types of alternative nicotine products, and of course nicotine pouches, we know what we are talking about, and you can rest assured that you’re buying from a reputable and knowledgeable company.

Ordering your Nicotine Pouches from us is completely legal, and our team is based in the UK where all of our operations take place. We ship all orders from the UK and adhere to all policy guidelines that have been set out and may apply.

Our Products

Picking the Nicotine Pouches that we sell here on Snusmail was something we took very seriously, and it took a lot of time to ensure we picked what we believe to be the top selling brands of Nicotine Pouches available on the UK market today.

Picking well known brands was a no brainer for us, as these are brands that are established and well known as well as used by many in the UK. Brands like Nordic Spirit and VELO offer high quality nicotine pouches, in a great variance of flavours as well.

And we also stock new brands that have entered on to the UK market that we believe strongly in, and are also of the high quality that we expect from a Nicotine Pouch. DIP is one of the newest and most exciting brands of Nicotine Pouches. With some great flavour options to choose from, they also feature the inclusion of Nicotine Alkaloids. These alkaloids are what are found in tobacco, and will create a nicotine experience similar to what it would be from smoking a cigarette, just without having to actually smoke a cigarette!

As well as DIP, we also stock Denssi which is another new brand of Nicotine Pouch that we are really excited about! Denssi features a great range of fruity flavours, but what makes them stand out from the others is the “freeze” effect that they have. This effect is not something that first time users of Nicotine Pouches may enjoy, so it’s worth taking this into consideration if you’re new to the Nicotine Pouch game as you may want to wait to try this brand once you’re used to Nicotine Pouches and their effects!

UK Based Shipping & Customer Service

As previously mentioned, all of our operations take place from our facility based in the North of the UK. All orders are picked and packed and dispatched from our Warehouse, and sent out the same day if ordered before 2pm!

Our customer service team are on hand from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday to answer any questions or queries that you may have. And we aim to provide a swift response to all enquiries, ensuring that all of our customers are happy and satisfied with our service that we provide.

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