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Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have been sold in the UK for a few years now, and recently they have started gaining in popularity and used by people who want to get a nicotine fix without smoking or using a vaping device. One of the brands that has had a long-standing presence in the nicotine pouch market in the UK is Nordic Spirit. In this blog, I’m going to look at the brand Nordic Spirit in more detail, what they offer with their nicotine pouch designs, as well as the nicotine strengths and flavours they have on offer!

What goes into making a Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch? 

The list of ingredients that is included in making Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are clearly displayed on the can and nothing else other than what is listed goes into each Nicotine pouch. The list is as follows:

filing (E965, E460), gum base, humectant (E422, E1520), Nicotine, Acidity regulator (E500), flavours

And that is it! Nothing in there that shouldn’t be, and a simple straightforward ingredient list to make premium quality nicotine pouches.

What flavours are available to buy? 

Nordic Sprit have some fantastic flavours of nicotine pouches available, mostly richy fruity flavours as well as some unique flavours which make them stand out from the rest, of which I will detail below: 

Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry

An interesting and unique combination of mixed wild berries, paired with a bergamot flavour gives off a sharp citrus taste paired with a sweet berry flavour. 

Nordic Spirit Elderflower

A delightful rich and sweet Elderflower taste makes this nicotine pouch flavour stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Nordic Spirit Mint

A simple and straight forward mint flavour that leaves your mouth feeling fully refreshed after! 

Nordic Spirit Mocha

If you love the taste of coffee as well as getting a nicotine fix, this flavour is for you! A rich deep coffee flavour nicotine pouch that is perfect any time of the day!

Nordic Spirit Spearmint

Another simple and straight forward mint flavour but this time with a sweet aftertaste to give it an authentic spearmint flavour 

Nordic Spirit Watermelon

The most exotic and flavoursome nicotine pouch that Nordic Spirit has to offer! A rich natural fruity flavour with sweet undertones to accompany. 

Is the nicotine that’s used in Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches harmful? 

No, Nicotine is not harmful to you or your health. There have not been any scientific studies to prove that Nicotine is harmful to people and has not caused any short or long term health effects when used. 

However, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and a dependency on nicotine can also be created if used. Only use Nicotine pouches if you were previously a smoker, or used nicotine-based e-liquids. 

How are the pouches made?

Nordic Spirit white pouches are designed and formed by using a plant-based fibres as well as the same base to what chewing gum is made with, to create a soft pouch that sits comfortably in the mouth, and the nicotine will be able to absorb through the pouch material and into the gum with ease so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and effectively! With this effective design, it also will refrain the nicotine and contents of the pouch from staining your teeth, which is a common problem that traditional Snus pouches will cause as well as smoking cigarettes.

What strengths do Nordic Spirit pouches come in?

Nordic Spirit offer varying levels of nicotine strength with their nicotine pouches, from 4mg right up to 16mg so it caters for people who may want to try nicotine pouches for the first time without it being too overpowering, as well as having pouches in strengths that people who are more accustomed to nicotine will be able to use to get a stronger nicotine hit.

The strength of Nordic Spirit pouches that we offer here at Snusmail is 6mg per pouch. This is ideal for beginners or for people who don’t want a nicotine strength that is too overpowering.

Does Nordic Spirit pouches contain tobacco?

No, absolutely not. Even though they originate from Sweden, the home of snus pouches, Nordic Spirit white nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free and do not contain any form or trace of tobacco whatsoever else they wouldn’t be allowed to be sold in the UK, just like Snus is not allowed to be!

How do I use a Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch?

It’s really simple and straight forward how to use a Nicotine pouch. Simply take one out of your can of Nordic Spirit, pop it in your mouth, under your top or bottom lip so that is rests between your lip and gum, and leave it there, job done! The nicotine will then begin to absorb into your bloodstream via your gum, and you’ll be able to get the full effect and taste of the nicotine pouch!

About Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit are a company that were originally founded in Sweden, and they were created with one vision in mind: creating a tobacco free alternative for people so they can have a safer and less risky nicotine experience. Snus is hugely popular in Sweden, which is a similar concept and design to nicotine pouches, but the difference being they contain actual tobacco inside the pouches whereas nicotine pouches do not contain any form of tobacco.

The founders of Nordic Spirit saw how popular these Snus pouches were, but also the risk and potential harm that comes with them and wanted to try and replicate the sensation and effect of them whilst leaving the bad stuff out, and that’s how Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches were created! Their head office is based in the city of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden.

Nordic Spirit has a large presence in shops and supermarkets in the UK, and you’ve probably seen their vibrant colourful can designs when visiting these shops, and we also stock the brand right here on Snusmail, so you can order them from the comfort of your own home without having to fight your way through any supermarket queues!

Does Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches have tobacco in? 

No, there is no form of tobacco included in Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches at all. Tobacco is found in traditional SNUS pouches which originates from Sweden, however SNUS is illegal to be sold in the UK and has been for many years. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches only contain the Nicotine and the other ingredients listed above. 

How many nicotine pouches are in a can of Nordic Spirit? 

Each can of Nordic Spirit contains 20 individual nicotine pouches

What nicotine strengths do Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches come in? 

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are available in different nicotine strengths, which caters for people who want a more subtle nicotine kick, and all the way up to those who want a much stronger kick of nicotine. 

At Snusmail, all of the Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches that we sell are all a 6mg nicotine strength. Which is the ideal strength for someone who isn’t used to using a high nicotine strength vape juice, or a heavy smoker. This strength will also still suffice for people who are used to a bit more nicotine also. 

How do I know what strength nicotine pouch to use? 

Choosing the right nicotine strength in your nicotine pouches is crucial, as you don’t want it to be to weak that you don’t get the full benefit of the pouch but you also don’t want it too strong as this could be overwhelming to you and not be a pleasurable experience. 

If you were a lighter smoker or used a lower nicotine strength vape juice, you’ll want to opt for the weaker strength nicotine pouches, like a 6mg that Nordic Spirit has to offer.

If you were a heavier smoker or used a higher strength vape juice, you’ll likely be more suited to a higher strength nicotine pouch which Nordic Spirit offer. 

How do I use Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches? 

Using a Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch to get your nicotine fix is so easy and I’ll explain exactly how to use one. 

You’ll want to open up your can containing your Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches, and take a single one out. Close the lid on your tin and put that to the side as you’re done with that for now. Place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip so that it rests between your gum and lip, and voila! you’re set and ready to go! 

You can put the pouch in between your bottom lip and gum if you wanted to as the design of the pouches are flexible to fit either your top or bottom lip. Just be sure to flatten it down by gently pressing the outside of your lip, this way the pouch will be next to un-noticeable by others around you while you’re working or talking. 

What flavours do Nordic Spirit offer?

Nordic Spirit has some fantastic flavours in their range, even releasing special “limited edition” flavours such as Watermelon or Mocha. At Snusmail, we stock what we feel are the four best flavours in their range.

Mint and Spearmint are classic standalone mint flavours, with Mint being more stronger peppermint flavour, and Spearmint being a sweeter mint flavour.

Alongside these are two fruitier flavours, Bergamot Wildberry & Elderflower. Both of which have not been seen to be replicated by any other nicotine pouch manufacturer making these flavours unique to Nordic Spirit, and they leave a really nice natural fruity flavour in your mouth after every use!

Each tin of Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches contains 20 white pouches and is available to buy from Snusmail for just £6.50 per can!

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