What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small white pouches containing nicotine, flavorings, sweeteners and plant based fibers as filling. Nicotine pouches are used in the same way as regular Swedish snus, by placing the pouch between the gum and the lip. Nicotine pouches do not include tobacco, and you can buy nicotine pouches online.

Can I buy nicotine pouches online?

Yes you can. To buy nicotine pouches online, you can just choose products from our online store and add your favourite pouches to the shopping cart. Ordering nicotine pouches online is 100% legal and as simple as any other orders from any online stores.

What color nicotine pouches are?

Nicotine pouches can be in all kinds of colours. White nicotine pouches are widely used and some snus products use white pouches also. If you see a white portion or something similar on top of your nicotine pouch tin, that means the content is white nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches vs other nicotine products

The nicotine pouch on the other hand does not contain any tobacco. The nicotine and flavours are added, like fruit flavours. This makes the list of the harmful ingredients much shorter compared to snus.

  1. Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free
  2. Many different sizes
  3. Doesn’t have the same smell, that snus have
  4. You don’t get any colouring on your teeth. The nicotine pouches are white.
  5. Easier to get. You can order nicotine pouches online while Swedish snus is banned in the UK. 
  6. Nicotine pouches last longer than snus. You can buy more and sometimes save when buying in bulk. Unopened tins will last a long time in a cold place. 

Different sizes of nicotine pouches

There are mainly four different sizes for a nicotine pouch. You can buy nicotine pouches online in mini, super slim, slim and large options.

Mini nicotine pouches

Mini nicotine pouches are the smallest ones. Easy to hide under your lid and almost impossible to notice from outside. The effect is shorter than any other size, about 30 minutes.  

Super slim nicotine pouches

Super slim nicotine pouches fit between mini and slim nicotine pouches. Longer, than mini, but slimmer. Perfect, when you want a longer-lasting effect than on mini, but smaller size, than large or slim. 

Slim nicotine pouches

Slim nicotine pouches are maybe the most popular and most used ones. The slim format can also be found in most flavours. The slim format is also easy to use during the day because it hides under your lip easily. 

Large nicotine pouches

Large nicotine pouches are the biggest ones. If you switched from snus to nicotine pouches, then maybe a large one is for you. A long-lasting effect is one advantage of a large nicotine pouch, but it might be seen from the outside. 

How strong can nicotine pouches be?

Nicotine pouches, like the name suggests, include nicotine. The amount of nicotine the pouch includes varies a lot. In a different country, there might be a limit to how much nicotine one pouch can have. If you are a long-time user of nicotine products, you might need to start the medium amount of nicotine on your pouches and go down or up from there. 

What does mg/g of nicotine mean?

The amount of nicotine is displayed on how many mg of nicotine there is on one gram. When you buy nicotine pouches online, remember to check the nicotine strenght. For example, the Killa nicotine pouches have 16gm/g of nicotine, but since the pouch is not 1mg, the one pouch contains 12.8mg of nicotine. 

Reduce nicotine usage

Reducing nicotine usage takes time. Depending on your nicotine tolerance it might take a long time to drop down the usage. The problem with high nicotine products is that the user’s tolerance goes up. For example, our Pablo nicotine pouches might be really hard to meet your nicotine need with products with much lower nicotine levels. With our products, you can always buy nicotine pouches online with less amount of nicotine.

Ready to quit smoking?

Ready to stop smoking or snus use? We know quitting smoking is hard. Use nicotine pouches as part of your nicotine replacement therapy and quit tobacco with tobacco-free snus. With the wide range of products, we have nicotine pouches for all different nicotine levels. You will notice the health benefits compared to cigarette use. Reduce your lung cancer risk and quit tobacco today!

Why choose nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are usually white, a little bit more than an inch long pouch, that contains nicotine. Nicotine pouches, unlike Swedish snus or tobacco, contain only nicotine. No tobacco leaves or other materials were added. This makes nicotine pouches cleaner and healthier. The hard tin-around nicotine pouches make it easier to carry around and use them anywhere you are. 

Nicotine pouches are used by placing them on your upper lip. You find out how to do that later in this blog post. The main use of nicotine pouches is to make it easier to quit smoking or using snus. By using nicotine pouches, it becomes even easier to quit and reduce possible negative effects that come from using tobacco products. 

How much nicotine there is on nicotine pouches also varies. Depending on how much or how long you’ve been using nicotine products, you can choose the best for you. We recommend testing different strengths and finding out what is the best for you. It is easy, because you can buy nicotine pouches online.

Swedish snus, smokeless tobacco or smokeless tobacco products

Snus originates from Sweden when the first snus company was registered in early 1800. That’s where the “Swedish snus”- the name comes from. The nicotine comes from the tobacco leaf, which is smashed and mixed with water and other ingredients.

You can find snus with or without flavour, in different sizes and in pouches or as loose snus (lös), where there is no pouch, so the snus is directly inside the tin. You need a tool or then just fingers to get that on top of your lip. Snus also includes the addictive substance nicotine which might also cause oral cancer. Snus is banned in every country in the European union excluding Sweden.

How to use nicotine pouches?

When you buy nicotine pouches online, you are ready to start using them. Nicotine pouches are placed inside ice hockey puck- kind of shell. Use nicotine pouches correctly with these 5 easy steps. 

  1. Open a tin, where nicotine pouches are stored. 
  2. Take one nicotine pouch and place it under your upper lip.
  3. If you already had one placed, remove it before adding a new one.
  4. Make sure the nicotine pouch is firmly placed and doesn’t drop into your mouth. 
  5. After 30-60min take the nicotine pouch out and throw it in the trash bin if possible. There is also a lid on top of the tin, where you can place your used pouches. 

Buy nicotine pouches online 2023

The easiest way to get nicotine pouches is to buy nicotine pouches online. Making an order is easy and there is a lot of variations with different taste and strength. At Snusmail, we have made sure it’s easy for everyone who is looking for an alternative to tobacco products to find their own combination of flavour and strength of nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouch tins usually have around 20 nicotine pouches in them, but some might contain even 30pcs, so 33% more nicotine pouches, than usual.

You can also find nicotine pouches from the stores and kiosks with way fewer variations. The usual brands you can find are Zonnic or Velo in different forms with usually no added flavours. 

Can there be too much nicotine?

Consuming too much nicotine can cause nicotine poisoning in some cases. Vomiting, sweating and increased heart rate are something no one wants to experience because of nicotine. Having nicotine poisoning is rare, but in the case of really strong nicotine pouches can cause not wanted effects for new users. 

This is why we have warnings on really strong products and do not suggest them to new users. If you are a long-time nicotine user and know, how much nicotine you can take and what your tolerance level we say go ahead, but that’s not the case for everyone. After all, we want to offer a good experience with our products.

What European countries sell snus?

Every European Union country has banned snus except Sweden.

On what social media I can follow snusmail.co.uk?

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Are nicotine pouches or tobacco-free snus safe?

Nicotine pouches still contain addictive chemical nicotine and might cause nicotine addiction, but compared to snus or tobacco smoking, nicotine pouches are a much safer option. With only nicotine included, all cancer-related ingredients are removed. This makes the product cleaner and (in our opinion) a better-flavoured option. 

Nicotine pouches are good for nicotine replacement therapy. Tobacco smokers that switch to tobacco-free nicotine pouches can quit smoking and get their nicotine with less harmful nicotine pouches. There is a wide selection of different kind of nicotine pouches, and you can choose your favourite flavours and just buy nicotine pouches online. Easy.

Difference between Swedish snus and nicotine pouches

If you compare the differences between snus and nicotine pouches, both are small pouches that contain nicotine and you place them under your upper lip. You hold them in the tin and there are usually from 20 to 30 pouches included. 

There the similarities between snus and nicotine pouches end. If you take all the harmful ingredients away from the snus and remove the bad smell and teeth colouring colour, you get the nicotine pouch. 

Nicotine pouches are easy to order online and directly to your home. Also, some basic options are available at kiosks or markets near you. On the downside, the variants on market nicotine pouches are not that good, so we recommend testing the ones with a flavouring for a much better experience. 

Nicotine patches

Nicotine patches are small patches, that deliver nicotine. You place the patch somewhere on your skin where it’s clean and not so oily. For example, the upper chest or shoulder is a good place. The patches deliver the nicotine usually 24h and after that, you need to replace the nicotine patch. Nicorette and Nicotine nicotine patches are the ones you will usually find and there are a few different strengths of the patches. 

Nicotine spray

Nicotine spray is a little bit different compared to other possible options. On nicotine spray, you have a small tank filled with liquid nicotine. Spray the liquid on your mouth every time you feel the need for nicotine. Not many flavours are available and not as easy to find as other products.

Nicotine gum

Nicotine gum is been here for a while already and it’s just what you think it is. Normal size gum with nicotine and more flavours to choose from than nicotine spray. Enjoying a nicotine gum is not as invisible as nicotine pouches or nicotine patches, but it looks and feels like normal gum. This is available in many different stores and different brands.

Is ordering snus legal in the UK?

Unlike nicotine pouches, buying snus online is illegal. Buying snus, chewing tobacco or any smokeless tobacco product, that is used orally is banned in the UK and in the EU, excluding Sweden. All smokeless tobacco users or snus users need to buy their products elsewhere. You can buy nicotine pouches online 100% legally.

Buy nicotine pouches online! Dip nicotine pouches from Snusmail.
Dip Blueberry Ice contains 25 nicotine pouches.

Different nicotine levels

The smallest amount of nicotine on a product we sell on a snusmail.co.uk is 4mg per pouch. That doesn’t mean the pouch is not worth it and some lower nicotine-level products might even have a better flavour than a higher nicotine level pouches. 

The highest level of nicotine we have is Pablo nicotine pouches. 25mg/g of nicotine with a bigger than normal 0.8g pouch means 20mg/g of nicotine. This is really not a first-timer product and the taste could be better. 

Between 4mg and 25mg, we have lots of different products and different flavours. You can find the nicotine level on all products on the product page. 

Does a high nicotine level affect flavour?

Not really. There might be some flavouring preferences on nicotine pouches that have a lot of nicotine, but not really any limits. It’s more common to find products with a lot of flavour on a small or normal amount of nicotine than higher nicotine ones. That’s maybe because the user base on normal nicotine level products is bigger.