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Looking for a nicotine pouch with a strong kick and many flavours to choose from? Killa nicotine pouches get you covered. 16mg/g of nicotine on all flavours makes sure you get the strong nicotine kick. 0,75mg pouches on a slim format are easy to use.

All Killa nicotine pouches are high-quality NGP empire- products. If you desire even more nicotine, Pablo- nicotine pouches from the same NGP Empire might be for you with 25mg/g of nicotine. Nevertheless, we think the 16mg/g on these nicotine pouches will be more than enough for most of the users and have a good balance between nicotine and flavour. All tins contain 20 nicotine pouches except XXL Cold Mint, which contains 30 nicotine pouches.

Killa Nicotine pouches

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