buyer's guide to nicotine pouches

Buyer’s Guide To Nicotine Pouches

You might have been out and about doing your shopping, or nipping into the petrol station to pay for your fuel, or even gone into your local vape shop and spotted this vast selection of little white cans on the counter or behind the counter, and questioned what they were.

I know this was certainly me a couple of years ago, and curiosity got the better of me and I had to buy one of these cans and see what they were all about, and it was one of the best choices I made. But what did I buy? It was of course a can of Nicotine Pouches!

In this blog, this is all about education and creating somewhat of a “buyers guide” to Nicotine Pouches, as you may be reading this and not sure on what to buy or what they’re all about, so fear not as I’m about to explain it all to you!

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What Is A Nicotine Pouch?

We’ll start off with a bit of education here and I’ll explain to you just exactly what a Nicotine Pouch is! A Nicotine Pouch is pretty much what it says on the tin, a small pouch, normally white in colour, and housed inside each pouch is a powdered nicotine mix that’s been specifically designed to match the flavour and nicotine strength profile of whatever one you’ve opted to go for.

The powder solution inside is comprised of Nicotine, flavourings, and other essential ingredients needed to keep the powdered solution moist and good to use. The nicotine content does vary depending on what strength you opt to go for which I will explain further down in this article.

They come in different sizes, from mini to regular to XL which you can choose from when you buy it, but regardless of the size, they all do the same job and that is providing you with a slow gradual release of nicotine that is absorbed through the gum when the nicotine pouch is in place!

How Do Nicotine Pouches Work?

So you’ve got a bit more of an understanding about Nicotine Pouches now (hopefully) but the question is probably still on your lips of how do nicotine pouches actually work? Let me explain!

Housed inside the white pouch is a specially created powdered Nicotine mixture, which will have a specific amount of nicotine in based on what strength you’re buying, and this is what is absorbed into your blood stream to satisfy for cravings for Nicotine!

To use a Nicotine Pouch, you simply place a pouch into your mouth, so it rests between the upper gum and upper lip, and it then rests there for 45-60 minutes and the moisture from your mouth reacts with the powdered Nicotine solution and it’s then absorbed through the gum and into your system.

It’s a slow gradual release of Nicotine over the amount of time I mentioned above, and depending on what nicotine strength you’ve gone for will determine how intense of a “hit” you will get when you first put it in situ.

You will feel a tingling sensation when you put a Nicotine Pouch in place, and if you’re not used to using Nicotine Pouches, then this will feel very strange to you to start off with, but the sensation does ease off within 10 minutes or so of the pouch being in place. Something to note is, that the higher nicotine content in a Nicotine Pouch will create a stronger tingling sensation so be aware of this if you’re looking to use a higher nicotine strength!

How Do I Know Which strength to buy?

This is another commonly asked question and it’s quite an important one to know the answer to and to get right as if you got it wrong, it could spell trouble for you in a number of different ways.

You’ll want to aim to use a Nicotine strength that is relative to how many cigarettes you’d smoke in a day. I always put smokers in three groups; Light, Moderate, Heavy. And this is really helpful to use to help workout which Nicotine Strength you’ll need to use!

If you were a light smoker, you’ve not been used to getting a lot of Nicotine from cigarettes, and you’ll have a relatively low tolerance for Nicotine, so this means you’ll want to aim for the lower strength Nicotine Pouches that are on offer. Something like a 4mg Nicotine strength would suit you down to the ground, and this is a very low nicotine strength and won’t be too overpowering and in your face when you use them. It also will create a very minor tingling sensation as well!

If you were a moderate smoker, you’re middle of the road, so you need to go middle of the road for your nicotine strength in nicotine pouches! You can pick up a 6mg or 8mg nicotine strength and this will be perfect for you I would expect. Just be aware the tingling sensation may be a bit more prominent with this strength, so if you wanted to get used to it, get yourself a lower strength to start with and then work your way up.

And if you were a heavy smoker, you’re going to need the higher strength pouches as you’ll likely have a high tolerance for Nicotine as well as a large dependence on it and you’re used to taking in lots of Nicotine. You can give the 10mg/12mg Nicotine Pouches a bash and see how you get on. The feeling of the Nicotine absorbing will be completely different to what you’ve experienced before, and the tingling sensation will be very prominent, but you’ll get accustomed to this and you’re already used to the feeling of high doses of Nicotine being absorbed into your body so you should be fine!

As I said, choosing the right Nicotine strength is absolutely imperative when it comes to using Nicotine Pouches, because if you pick a strength that is too high for you, the feeling of absorption as well as the tingling may well put you off continuing to use them, which isn’t what we want to see happen! Always start off lower if you’re unsure and build up to finding the strength which is suitable for you.

Although we do not sell them, there are also some much higher strength Nicotine Pouches available out there on the market, but these are just crazy high mg content and I feel a tad unnecessary, so be wary of these and don’t give in to temptation to try them!

What Flavour Do I Buy?

Now the answer to this question is entirely down to you and what you prefer when it comes to picking a flavour. And the good thing is, when you buy nicotine pouches online, there’s such a huge selection on the market today and especially here at, there really is something for everyone and their flavour preference!

When people quit smoking, chances are they’re wanting to get away from the taste of tobacco because let’s face it, nobody really smokes because they love the taste of tobacco do they?! They smoke because they want Nicotine, so what better thing to use than something that can still gives nicotine but also with a much better flavour to accompany as well, like a nicotine pouch!

The most popular flavour of Nicotine Pouches people prefer, and what we sell here at Snusmail, is the Minty flavours. You can get a variety of different mint flavours, from strong to sweet mint and the reason people may like these is it can leave your mouth feeling fresher from the mint flavour which is an added bonus!

There’s also a lot of different fruity flavours out there on the market as well, ranging from straight forward lone fruit flavours, to mixed fruit flavours, there really is something for everyone near enough and you’ll be spoilt for choice! Aim to pick a flavour you like and you’ll want to consistently be using nicotine pouches and smoking cigarettes will be a thought of the past!

How to get nicotine pouches

How do i order nicotine pouches online?

We aim to make the process of ordering your nicotine pouches from us at Snusmail as seamless and easy as possible, and you can order Nicotine Pouches from the comfort of your own home and get them delivered straight to your door the very next working day!

Visit our online store and browse the vast array of leading brands as well as some new and exciting brands of Nicotine Pouches that are on the market today, pick your flavour and nicotine strength, place them in your basket and complete the checkout process!

We will then take care of the rest and before you know it, you’ll have your Nicotine Pouches in your hand and be preparing for a smoke free future and getting involved with the most exciting alternative Nicotine product that’s hit the market for a long time!

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