how strong can nicotine pouches be

How strong can nicotine pouches be?

Nicotine pouches are exactly what they say on the tin, small pouches filled with nicotine. The amount of nicotine that’s included in each pouch is relatable to the strength displayed on the can of the pouches. One of the benefits of Nicotine Pouches is that they are available in a variety of different Nicotine strengths which caters for everyone’s nicotine needs whether it be small or high.

In this article, I explain the in’s and out’s of how strong Nicotine Pouches can be, and what strengths to opt for if you’re wanting to give them a try so you don’t end up getting a strength that’s too high as this could lead to adverse short term side effects which can easily be avoided.

What does mg/g of nicotine mean?

If you’ve seen a can of Nicotine pouches you would have clearly seen displayed on the can a number with the letters MG following behind, for example 8mg. This is an indicator of the nicotine strength of each individual pouch, meaning that each individual nicotine pouch contains 8mg of Nicotine. The numbers will either increase or decrease based on how strong or weak you want your Nicotine Pouches to be, stemming down to 4mg per pouch all the way up to 25mg or higher.

Different nicotine levels available on snusmail

We pride ourselves at Snusmail on the great range of brands of Nicotine Pouches that we can offer to you our customers. And within this range of brands, there’s also a great range of flavours and more importantly Nicotine strengths available for you to choose from.

We stock Nicotine Pouches with a Nicotine strength as low as 4mg, which is ideal for someone with a relatively low tolerance for Nicotine, or someone who may wanting to be trying out Nicotine Pouches for the first time as the Nicotine hit will not be too strong or overwhelming.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, we also stock high nicotine strength pouches with 12mg being the highest strength we sell, with the brand DIP offering this higher strength as well as a mid strength of 8mg also.

Between 4mg and 12mg, we have lots of different products and different flavours for you to try. We have clearly listed the Nicotine strength of each brand and flavour of Nicotine Pouches on the product page itself where you can pick your quantity and order what you want.

Can you consume too much nicotine?

In short, yes you can consume too much Nicotine. At the end of the day, Nicotine is a chemical that has an effect on the body, and anything on the same page as this will cause side effects to the body in a variety of different ways, but fear not as these side effects are relatively short term and don’t tend to linger around for too long.

If you were to ingest too much nicotine, either from a nicotine pouch that is too strong for you, or if you consistently use nicotine pouches one after the other, you do stand a chance of feeling a bit “Nic Sick” This could result in you feeling a bit nauseous, dizzy, get a bit of a dry mouth or have a bit of a headache.

This is because Nicotine affects the body in different ways, from tightening the blood vessels which in turn would alter your blood pressure leading to dizziness or headache, it can dry the saliva glands as well which can cause dry mouth, and also if too much Nicotine is absorbed at a fast rate, this can react with the stomach acid by stimulating production at a faster rate thus making you feel a bit sick.

If you do experience any of these side effects, stop using nicotine pouches for a period of time and let yourself recover before considering starting to use them again. And if these short term side effects actually turn into more of a long term thing, then consult a medical professional immediately.

Reducing your nicotine levels and usage

If you’ve quit smoking and chose to use Nicotine Pouches, you’ll be using a Nicotine strength that is appropriate to the amount of Nicotine that you’ve previously consumed from smoking cigarettes. And the ultimate end goal would be to gradually reduce down your nicotine levels which in turn would lower your dependency on Nicotine and eventually would get you to being Nicotine free and beating the addiction of Nicotine.

This can be quite a long and also arduous process to overcome, but it is not impossible with the right tools and willpower to want to reduce your Nicotine levels. We offer a great range of Nicotine Pouches in different Nicotine strengths to cater for everyone’s needs, so if you wanted to start off with a higher nicotine strength, you can then buy lower strength nicotine pouches from us also when wanting to lower your nicotine strengths.

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Does a high nicotine level affect flavour?

Not really no. The amount of Nicotine will not really affect the flavour of your nicotine pouches. The correct amounts of flavourings are used in Nicotine Pouches to balance out with the Nicotine powder mixture to ensure you get a strong nicotine hit as well as a rich and strong flavour to accompany!

Products with different nicotine levels in

Here you can find all of our nicotine pouches in different categories. Find the one that suits for you the best!

10mg/g or under nicotine pouches

16mg/g nicotine pouches 

Ready to switch to nicotine pouches?

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