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Product Review Denssi Watermelon Freeze

Today we had a chance to review one of the stand out brands of Nicotine Pouches on the market today, Watermelon Freeze from Denssi nicotine pouches! Denssi stands out in it’s own unique way with it’s intense mouth tingling effect that happens every time you use one of their pouches.

I’ve recently been using Denssi Nicotine Pouches for the purpose of this review, and I’m going to give you my honest review and opinion on them as well as my documenting my experience using this “mouth drilling” nicotine pouch! Let’s go!

Denssi Nicotine Pouches

Denssi Nicotine Pouches originate from Sweden, where the use of Nicotine Pouches is very popular, as well as using Snus pouches, which are small pouches that contain Tobacco and are illegal to be sold in all countries in the EU and also the UK.

The background and history of Denssi has a certain degree of mystery to it as these are a relatively new brand of Nicotine Pouches to enter on to the market.

Denssi watermelon freeze
Denssi watermelon freeze

Denssi Nicotine Pouches stand out from others

When I heard about Denssi Nicotine Pouches, there were two things that caught my attention. 

  • The exotic fruity flavours they have to offer
  • The uniquely describe “mouth drilling” effect when these pouches are being used.

The flavour options available from Denssi are; Mango Freeze, Strawberry Freeze, Watermelon Freeze, Spearmint and their “flagship” flavour they are most known for which is Brain Freeze. Brain Freeze is a super strong mint flavour combined with an intense freezing effect, which all of the other pouches have. All Denssi cans contain 25 individual Nicotine Pouches.

Let’s get into the review, and let me explain more about these fantastic nicotine pouches!

A review on Denssi Watermelon Freeze Nicotine Pouches

I love anything Watermelon flavoured, from vape juice to sweets, so when I saw there was a Watermelon Nicotine Pouch on offer, I jumped at the chance to grab some and try it!

First Impressions

The design on the can is really cool and I love the theme it has running through it. The first thing that caught my eye is the Viking mural staring back at me on the front label of the can. It then struck me that there is a Viking ‘theme’ running through the Denssi brand, with “MADE IN VALHALLA” on the outer writing on the front label. Denssi also dub themselves/these pouches “The New Generation” of Nicotine Pouches. And I’d say they’re going in the right direction to create a new generation of Nic pouches with their varied flavours and also the freezing effect that isn’t seen in a lot of other pouches.

The colours are really vibrant and stand out, a nice rich red colour that gradients into a rich green colour as a perfect accompaniment, keeping in line with the usual colour combination that’s seen with Watermelon. The design and colour scheme runs all round the edge of the can. Really big fan of this can design!

Ingredients and Safety Information

On the bottom side of the can, the ingredients are clearly listed, as well as all necessary safety information that is required to be printed on the labels of any nicotine containing products.

The ingredients list is clear and concise, and gives an exact reading of what’s used to make these Nicotine pouches. Clear instructions on what to do if a pouch is swallowed as well are written which is good to see as this is a cause for concern for some people who are apprehensive to using Nicotine pouches.

A clear BBE date is written on the cans, with just shy of 11 months remaining from when I received these cans to try.

Opening the Can

It’s really easy to open the can and access the pouches, as the seal around the edge is a simple perforated edge which can be broken by simply running your fingernail around the can to break the seal. The top also features a compartment to dispose of your discarded pouches which is really convenient for if you’re on the go and can’t access a bin to dispose of them. The lid snaps firmly in place each time and is easy to open as well.

The pouches

And now we reach the main part of this blog, which I’m sure you’re all here for, and that is detail of my experience using Denssi Nicotine Pouches, and I can safely say that this really was an experience I’ve not had before when using a Nicotine Pouch!

The minute I opened the can, the strong sweet smell of Watermelon erupted from the can and hit me and I knew I was in for a treat if they tasted anything like that smelt, and I was not disappointed. The flavour is a sweet, and strong, but not overpowering which I find really important.

From the second I put the pouch in my mouth, alongside the rich flavour, I was met with this really strong icy blast and see what they mean when they say a “drilling” feeling. As with most Nicotine pouches, a tingling sensation happens from the Nicotine being absorbed through the gums and Denssi has the same feeling, but it’s a bit more intense. The tingling sensation lasted for around 10 minutes or so, so you have to really persevere with it! I wouldn’t recommend these if you do not like the tingling sensation, or if you are new to using Nicotine Pouches.

The flavour lasted for the duration of 45 minutes which is how long I always keep pouches in for, and was really nice and refreshing. I could feel the effects of the Nicotine all throughout as well, and it was a smooth subtle release rather than a strong in your face hit like what high strength Nicotine Pouches do.


To conclude, trying Denssi Nicotine Pouches was certainly a unique experience for me, and one I had not experienced before!

The flavour of the Watermelon is absolutely perfect, with it being sweet and rich, but not too overpowering. The icy tingling effect was quite a weird effect to start but I soon got used to it, so I expect most would if they have an experience of using Nicotine Pouches.

You can buy Watermelon Denssi Nicotine Pouches right here on Snusmail as well as checking out our whole range of flavours and other brands we have to offer!

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