Have you ever counted how much money you spend to cigarettes? Save a lot by switching to nicotine pouches!

Can you Save money by switching to nicotine pouches

Is it possible to save money by switching to nicotine pouches? The term “Cost of Living Crisis” is a term that everyone in the UK is familiar with, as it’s something that nearly everyone is being affected by. Costs of every day essentials, such as gas, electric and even food seems to be consistently rising and people are struggling to make ends meet. 

A cost that has seen a consistent rise over the last decade is the cost of smoking and cigarettes, with the price of cigarettes currently sitting at the highest it’s ever been. And with this being classed as a “luxury cost” it is something many people can ill afford and are looking for cheaper alternatives to get their nicotine fix, as quitting smoking to save money just isn’t as simple as that. 

And this is why Nicotine Pouches are now becoming a popular option for people to use, with many realising how much cheaper buying Nicotine Pouches is compared to buying cigarettes. In this blog, I’m going to take an in depth look at the current cost of cigarettes, as well as the cost of Nicotine Pouches and other alternative forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and compare how much you can actually save by making the switch!

The ever rising cost of Cigarettes

The price of cigarettes in the United Kingdom is the second highest out of all of the European countries, and it’s a cost that seems to keep rising every year with each Budget announcement. And 2023 is no different, with the Budget due to be announced in the coming weeks, it’s widely believed that the price of cigarettes as well as hand rolling tobacco will be increasing by 15%, which will see cigarettes costing £1.20 more and tobacco costing over £2 more a pouch which is just crazy when you think about it!

But for the basis of this article, I’ll reference to the current cost of cigarettes today. A pack of 20 cigarettes costs on average around £12 a pack, and most people in today’s society will smoke around 20 cigarettes a day, so this is a daily cost which will rapidly add up over time. A total of over £80 a week, £300+ a month and over £3000 a year just on cigarettes alone.

This is a massively high number and an amount that most people can likely ill afford, so it comes as no surprise that people are now wanting to ditch the cigarettes and look for an alternative method for their nicotine delivery that is much more friendly on the bank balance. Compared to nicotine pouches, the prices are much higher, so you save money with nicotine pouches and still get your nicotine every day!

However, it’s not just personal expense that smoking affects, as Action on Smoking and Health recently published a study that looked into the true cost that smoking has on society, and it was revealed that smoking costs the NHS on average over £2.4 billion every year as well as £1.2 billion to social care costs for treatment of smoking related illnesses. 

Quit smoking or switch to nicotine pouches and you will save money!
Start saving money and switch to nicotine pouches!

The cost of Nicotine Pouches

As I’ve mentioned, the cost of Nicotine Pouches are an absolute fraction of the cost of what cigarettes are. And on top of them being cheaper, they are also a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Depending on which brand of Nicotine Pouches you want to buy will dictate how much you will be paying, but they all have a very similar price point. Looking at the range of brands and flavour options we have available here on Snusmail, the prices range anywhere from £4 to £6.50 for a tin of Nicotine pouches and most tins will contain 20-25 pouches. 

On average, a tin of Nicotine pouches should last you for around 2-3 days depending how much you use them, so to compare if you were a 20 a day smoker spending over £30 over a three day period on cigarettes, you’ll only be spending £6.50 every 3 days, even if you opted to use the more expensive brands of Nicotine Pouches. That’s just one fifth of what the total price of smoking would cost you for the same time frame. 

The money you’ll save with nicotine pouches is not the only benefit

Aside from saving an absolute fortune by giving up smoking and choosing to use Nicotine Pouches, you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of your health improving by quitting smoking. I’ll list a few of them below; 

They are completely smoke and vapour free – One of the perks of using nicotine pouches is the fact that they are so discreet as they do not emit any form of smoke or vapour, like what a cigarette or e-cigarette does. So you can use them in all public places and spaces where it’s normally illegal to smoke or vape inside of them. 

Subtle and Discreet design – As mentioned, they’re discreet by not emitting any form of smoke or vapour but also they’re discreet and small in the way they’re designed as well. Meaning that people won’t even notice when you’ve got a nicotine pouch resting in between your gum and lip making them practically invincible to the naked eye. 

Odourless – Everybody knows that cigarettes and tobacco stains the teeth, fingers and surfaces nearby, as well as leaving a horrible odour in the air and also on a person’s breathe after they’ve smoked a cigarette. With Nicotine Pouches, while they are flavoured, they do not give off any odour, nor do they leave a distinct odour on the breathe after they’ve been used which is a huge plus and adds to the discretion factor of them

Plenty of flavour options available – Unlike boring plain tobacco, Nicotine Pouches have a seriously good flavour selection available for you to choose from across all of the different brands. Flavoured tobacco has been banned from sale since May 2022, but flavoured Nicotine Pouches are completely unaffected by this. Be sure to check out the great selection of flavours that we have on offer here at Snusmail by clicking the link and make the change today! 

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