I swallowed a nicotine pouch by accident

What happens if I swallow the nicotine pouch?

Nicotine pouches are small pouches that contain nicotine. Not like snus, the nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco. You use the nicotine pouches by placing them under your upper lip and holding them for 30 to 60 minutes. You should never chew nicotine pouches, nor swallow them but what happens if you accidentally swallow one?

What Are Nicotine Pouches and Why Do people use them?

Nicotine Pouches are exactly what they say they are on the tin…small white pouches that contain a powder nicotine mixture, as well as flavourings and other essential ingredients needed to keep the mixture moist and useable.

Nicotine Pouches do not contain any form of tobacco whatsoever, and only the powder nicotine solution. They’re small in design and shape, and normally a white coloured pouch made up of natural fibres which makes them soft. The pouches you may have heard of that sound similar to these are Snus pouches, which do contain tobacco. Nicotine Pouches are different to these because where Snus is banned from sale in all countries within the EU and the UK, Nicotine Pouches are free to be sold across the continent.

Nicotine pouches are used by placing them on your upper lip. You find out how to do that later in this blog post. The primary reason that people choose to use Nicotine Pouches is as a way to quit smoking, or if they’ve previously been users of Snus pouches. This is because Nicotine Pouches can still provide Nicotine to a person’s system to ensure that cravings and withdrawals from Nicotine are kept at bay, and at the same time they’re using a much safer method for Nicotine than consuming Tobacco, whether it be through smoking or orally in Snus pouches.

Nicotine Pouches also come in a variety of flavours for people to choose from ranging from classic mint/menthol flavours, all the way up to exotic fruity flavours like mixed berry or watermelon so there really is something for everyone on the flavour spectrum available!

On top of this, there’s also a different range of Nicotine strengths available to choose from most brands of Nicotine Pouches. This is useful for all because some people may have a lower tolerance for Nicotine compared to others so may prefer using a lower nicotine strength, whereas some may have a higher tolerance so would require a stronger nicotine strength pouch. There really is something for everyone on the Nicotine Market today!

I accidentally swallowed a nicotine pouch…HELP!

So you held a nicotine pouch under your lip for an hour and forgot about it. This is common practice, and most likely every nicotine pouch user has done it at least once! (I know I have) After some time you remember it again, but you don’t feel it anymore under your lip. It might be, that you accidentally swallowed it and that’s why you are here! 

Because nicotine pouches don’t contain tobacco, your body will handle it better. Eating tobacco will most likely make you sick, but luckily, it’s not the same with nicotine pouches. Besides nicotine, the nicotine pouches don’t contain anything harmful like Snus pouches that contain tobacco. Nicotine pouches only contain nicotine, flavourings and other essential things required to make the pouches, and that’s it!

In conclusion, swallowing one nicotine pouch is not going to cause any severe side effects to you or your body. The nicotine will be absorbed even slower, than usual if you compare it to placing it under your lip. But even if it’s not going to affect you much, we suggest that you don’t do that often. 

Accidentally swallowed the nicotine pouch

Are nicotine Pouches harmful If I accidentally swallow one?

Even if there is no tobacco in nicotine pouches, there is still nicotine in them of course. In case of accidentally swallowing one, you are most likely to be fine.

If you are not used to using nicotine pouches and you try the one with higher amounts of nicotine it might lead to mild nicotine poisoning, but again don’t panic as serious as this sounds, it’s only short term side effects which will occur.

This might affect your blood pressure and cause nausea or vomiting and headaches. These symptoms will soon stop if you don’t use pouches or have any form of Nicotine for a period of time.

This is something that you don’t want to experience in an ideal world. If you experience any more severe symptoms, consult your local GP immediately.

Ready to quit smoking with nicotine pouches?

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