Are nicotine pouches safe to use?

Are nicotine pouches safe to use?

Oral nicotine pouches are becoming a popular option for both smokers as well as vapers as a nicotine replacement therapy option. They are increasing in popularity for their discreet feature with them being a small pouch design filled with Nicotine, that you just slide under your top lip and rest it between the gum and lip and the Nicotine begins being absorbed into the body. But people are starting wonder are nicotine pouches safe to use?

They are convenient if you’re a busy person constantly on the go, travelling, or work in a busy environment where break times are limited as you can just pop a nicotine pouch in with no worries of stopping what you’re doing, and also, they do not emit any form of smoke or vapour leaving you free to use them in public places. You can also benefit from the slim discreet design of them as people won’t even notice when you’ve got a white pouch under your lip!

But the big question as with anything new that comes out is, are they safe to use? Yes, they are safe to use, and I’ll explain the reasons why below: 

Are nicotine pouches safe to use?

There has been no scientific evidence or proof to show that Nicotine pouches are not safe to use.

Nicotine pouches are a less harmful option than smoking and they work in a similar way to what something like Nicotine gum, lozenges or nicotine spray would work, but putting a form of nicotine, in this case a pouch, into your mouth and it to be absorbed into your body. As well as Nicotine patches which are applied to the skin for the nicotine to be absorbed through the pores.

The above-mentioned Nicotine Replacement Therapy options have been recommended by GPs and Stop smoking services for a long time with no safety concerns, so I believe Nicotine pouches to be just as safe as any other nicotine product associated with quitting smoking/vaping. 

nicotine pouches usage
Nicotine pouches are safe to use and easy to handle.

What’s in a nicotine pouch? 

Each individual pouch contains nicotine, flavourings and a few other things essential to making nicotine pouches. No hidden surprises, as all ingredients used in Nicotine pouches are clearly displayed on each individual can, and nothing is hidden and not declared. A different style of nicotine pouch that is made called ‘Snus’ contain tobacco, but Snus is not allowed to be sold in the UK by law. Nicotine pouches sold in the UK by Snusmail are 100% tobacco-free. 

How much Nicotine is in a nicotine pouch?

This depends on what strength you decide to use. Here at Snusmail, we offer Nicotine pouches in different strength of nicotine content that range from 4mg per pouch, ideal for someone who is looking to try out nicotine pouches for the first time, right up to 16mg per pouch which is suited to someone who has experience using nicotine pouches previously or are a heavy smoker and accustomed to a high volume of Nicotine. 

With plenty of options available, we cater for everyone’s needs here at Snusmail! 

Is nicotine safe or is it harmful? 

No, Nicotine is not harmful, and nobody has suffered any long-term effects or illnesses through consuming Nicotine. 

The wide misconception is that Nicotine is the harmful additive in Cigarettes, and is the cause for illnesses like heart disease, lung cancer and breathing complaints. When in reality, it is the thousands of toxic chemicals that are emitted from a lit cigarette that cause these problems. Chemicals found in cigarettes like tar which clogs up arteries and resides in the lungs and carbon monoxide which causes breathing related illnesses such as Asthma are the primary perpetrators for these illnesses and not Nicotine. 

However, nicotine is an addictive chemical, and the use of nicotine products should only be to aid in quitting smoking or vaping as a Nicotine replacement therapy option. 

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