snusmail guide how to use nicotine pouches

Snusmail’s guide on how to use nicotine pouches

More people than ever are starting to use Nicotine pouches as their preferred method of Nicotine replacement, but how to use nicotine pouches the best way? They are not like Snus which has been around for a long time, which contains tobacco. Nicotine pouches sold in the UK contain nicotine and flavourings only.

Nicotine pouches are discreet designed to get your nicotine fix, and more people are choosing the use of nicotine pouches as their way of stopping nicotine cravings.

If you’re new to Nicotine pouches, you may be unsure of exactly how to use them and this is why we have created this easy to follow step by step guide on how to use Nicotine pouches safely and correctly, so you can enjoy the benefits of using tobacco-free snus to their full potential. 

How are nicotine pouches normally packaged?

White pouches are stored in a tin with the material of the tin usually being made from plastic or metal. But 9/10 it is a plastic tin they come in. Usually, there is a small lid on top of the tin and under the lid is a small place for used nicotine pouches just in case you don’t have any place to throw away your used ones. And once you’ve ordered from us, we ensure your tins are securely packaged and sent to your door via your chosen delivery courier!

What’s inside a nicotine pouch tin?

When you crack the lid of your tin of pouches, you’ll be greeted by the sight of individual nicotine pouches ready for you to use! The amount of pouches inside will depend on the size and nicotine strength you opted for. There will also be a separate compartment for you to dispose of your used pouches if you’re out and about and haven’t got access to a bin. Don’t be that person to leave them scattered around everywhere you go, definition of unhygienic!

Step #1 – Decide which Nicotine strength you want to use

Deciding the right nicotine level to use is crucial in your experience of using Nicotine pouches being a pleasant one. Our range of Nicotine pouches come in 4mg/g in strength right up to 16mg/g in strength, so we cater for everyone’s needs. You’ll want to choose a nicotine strength based on how many cigarettes you had previously smoked, or what nicotine content your vape juice is/was.

If you’re only a light smoker or low nicotine vape juice user, you’ll want a lower strength nicotine pouch, and if you were the opposite to that, a higher strength pouch would be better suited for you to satisfy your nicotine cravings. You’ll also want to pick what flavour takes your fancy too as we have a good selection in our store!

Step #2 – Placing the Nicotine pouch 

You’ve got your can of nicotine pouches, and you’re ready to go, fantastic! You’ll want to open up your can containing your pouches, and take a single one out. Close the lid on your tin and put that to the side as you’re done with that for now. Place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip so that it rests between your gum and lip, and voila! you’re set and ready to go! 

You can put the pouch in between your bottom lip and gum if you wanted to as the design of the pouches are flexible to fit either your top or bottom lip. Just be sure to flatten it down by gently pressing the outside of your lip, this way the pouch will be next to un-noticeable by others around you while you’re working or talking. 

Choosing the right size and nicotine level gives an enjoyable moment for nicotine pouches.

Step #3 – Enjoy the feeling

You may experience a tingling sensation when you first put your pouch in situ, which is perfectly normal. Don’t be alarmed by this, as it is a usual sensation that happens and only last for a short time. The tingling will stop eventually and you can then enjoy the full benefits of a nicotine pouch, when the nicotine is absorbed into your system as well as tasting the flavour of the pouch you’ve picked. 

Step #4 – Correctly dispose of your nicotine pouch

When you’ve had enough of your pouch, or feel you’re not getting the same effect as when you first put it in after a period of time has passed, then it’s time to dispose of it! 

Don’t be that person that just leaves a used pouch strewn around your office or home as it’s not pleasant for anyone! The cans feature a handy compartment for you to dispose of your pouches if you are on the move and can’t get to a bin, but if you do have a bin nearby, simply slide the pouch out of your mouth and place it into the bin. We would recommend giving your hands a quick sanitise also just to practice good hygiene.

How to store your nicotine pouches?

Having an unopened tin ready to use is a good way to keep you away from those nasty cigarettes. Also, you usually save some money by buying in bulk! Store your tins in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Follow these tips and your nicotine pouches are fresh and ready to use when you need them. 

Ready to quit smoking with nicotine pouches?

Want to read more about nicotine pouches or are you ready to give it a shot? Read more from our blog on how you can quit smoking and switch to nicotine pouches or check our most liked products down below! White waiting for our fast shipping to be delivered, you should go follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

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