Top 10 FAQ About Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Pouches are still relatively new on to the market here in the UK, as well as globally, and in recent years, they’ve really started to take off with many people now preferring to use them as their alternative method for Nicotine especially if they have recently quit smoking and looking for a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy to use.

But with them being relatively new on the market, there’s a lot of frequently asked questions that people have regarding Nicotine Pouches, and in this blog, I’m aiming to pin down the most frequently asked ones and answer them to give you peace of mind on using them as well as providing some education on them and why you should consider using them if you aren’t already!

Nicotine Pouch

#1 – What Is A Nicotine Pouch?

Starting off with the most commonly asked question, and that is what is a nicotine pouch? Let me explain!

Nicotine Pouches were created as a safer and cleaner oral nicotine product when compared to what Snus pouches are. They can be used as an alternative for Nicotine when quitting smoking or even vaping, and do not emit any form of smoke or vapour.

They are small white pouches filled with a powdered nicotine solution, flavourings and other essential ingredients needed to keep the powder mixture moist, and these are then placed in the mouth, normally between the gum and lip (upper most commonly)

#2 – How Is The Nicotine Absorbed Into The Body?

The Nicotine from inside the pouches is absorbed into the body via the gum and this is where the Nicotine Pouch is rested and it reacts with the moisture from your mouth to trigger the release of Nicotine and then the absorption also.

The absorption rate via the gums is relatively quick and very close to what is is that you would have gotten from inhaling on a cigarette, which is why these are becoming very popular with ex smokers looking to replicate that Nicotine hit they’d been accustomed to from smoking cigarettes.

#3 – What Are Nicotine Pouches Made Out Of?

The material used to make the Pouches is normally a fibrous material, which is totally natural and safe to use. It’s a bit reminiscent of what’s used to make a tea bags, just to give you something to visualise.

Different sizes of nicotine pouches

#4 – What’s Inside The Pouches?

Goes without saying that inside a Nicotine Pouch is obviously Nicotine, but it’s in a specially made powdered form made specifically for Nicotine Pouches.

Alongside this is flavourings used to create the flavour of what’s described on the can, and then other essential ingredients required to keep the nicotine powder solution moist and also binding agents. All of these ingredients used are clearly labelled on every can that’s sold in the UK as it’s necessary by law that this is included. And all ingredients used are safe for consumption!

#5 – What Strength Nicotine Pouch Should I Use?

This can be quite a tough question to know the answer for if you’ve never used Nicotine Pouches before, and I’ll endeavour to answer it as clearly and concisely as possible to give you a better understanding to know which strength would be right for you!

Nicotine Pouches come in varying different nicotine strengths so that they cater to the whole spectrum of users depending on their nicotine requirements, and choosing the right strength is imperative to whether you’ll have a positive experience with Nicotine Pouches!

If you smoked say 10 cigarettes a day, or used an e-liquid with around 6mg nicotine content in, you’ll be wanting to use the lower strength nicotine pouches like 4mg or 8mg as these won’t be too overpowering for you.

If you were a heavier smoker, or used e-liquid that had a higher nicotine strength, then you’ll be fine with the mid to high strength pouches like 10mg/12mg or higher.

Please be aware though that the absorption of the Nicotine from Nicotine Pouches will be completely different from what you’ve previously experienced from smoking or vaping! It does provide a “tingling” sensation which some people do not enjoy, especially with the higher strength nicotine pouches, so be wary of this!

nicotine pouch shop display

#6 – What Flavour Nicotine Pouches Are There?

Now this is a question that’s got a pretty endless feeling answer as there’s so many different flavours of Nicotine Pouches out there on the market today, especially with new manufacturers popping up seemingly all the time bringing out inventive new flavours which are tempting people to try.

The most common flavours you’ll see are Mint flavours, as this provides Nicotine but also a fresh feeling for your mouth and breath as an added bonus. Spearmint, Polar Mint, and Peppermint are the most common mint version out there on the market!

Some brands also push the boat out as well by offering fruity flavours for you to enjoy as well. Mixed berry, Mango, Watermelon, Tropical, the list goes on! There’s even some brands out there now which have replicated the flavours of popular sweets like Millions, or drinks like Cherry Cola.

#7 – Is Nicotine Harmful?

This is another really common question, and it’s one a lot of people have misperceptions over the answer to due to such mixed things being pushed out on the internet. A lot of people believe that Nicotine is one of the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes and emitted in the smoke from a cigarette. And there’s also wide spread belief that Nicotine can cause cancer as well.

However, this is not the case as there has not been any proven scientific evidence to show that Nicotine has caused harm to a person whether it be from a cigarette, e-cigarette or Nicotine Pouch, and there likely won’t be anything proven either simply for the fact that Nicotine is not harmful nor does it cause cancer!

Yes of course they are, else shops wouldn’t sell them! There is no restrictions on the sale of Nicotine Pouches here in the UK. And there’s also currently no restrictions on the strength of Nicotine that can be included in them.

Nicotine pouches do not smell as bad as snus

#9 – Are Nicotine Pouches Like Snus?

There’s been a lot of confusion around this question so I’m going to clear it up. The answer is Nicotine Pouches are a BIT like Snus pouches, but it’s only the design of them that is similar as the contents as well as the risks involved with using both are completely different.

Snus Pouches originate from Sweden and have been around since as far back as the 1800’s. They are small pouches, similar to Nicotine Pouches, but instead of powdered Nicotine solution, they actually contain moist tobacco that contains Nicotine and these are used in the same way as Nicotine Pouches are.

Snus was banned from sale in all countries in the European Union back in the early 90s, and remain banned from sale to this day including in the UK despite not being a member of the EU anymore. These were banned due to the potential health risks associated with them as well as aggressive marketing techniques implemented by some brands of Snus.

#10 – Can Nicotine Pouches Actually Help Me Quit Smoking?

Let’s finish this top 10 off with the question on everyone’s lips and that is can nicotine pouches actually help you quit smoking? Simple answer…YES!!

Nicotine Pouches are an alternative form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy that people are leaning on in a bid to quit smoking. They provide a nicotine hit in a similar time frame as what a cigarette does, which people crave when quitting smoking.

They’re safer and healthier alternatives to smoking, and even vaping due to the fact you’re not having to inhale anything into your lungs like you have to with the aforementioned.

You can pick a Nicotine strength that is relatable to your previous nicotine intake from cigarettes, and this will provide a first instant, then gradual release of nicotine for up to 60 minutes from when you first put the pouch in your mouth.

Obviously they don’t do all the work, as it’s essential you have the willpower and determination to want to quit smoking, but they sure do act as a valuable tool to make the process of quitting as easy as possible!

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