What is snusmail.co.uk

What is Snusmail.co.uk?

Snusmail.co.uk is our online shopping portal, that sells a great variety of nicotine pouches from different brands, and in different sizes and strengths. We offer such a variety so you don’t have to shop anywhere else. Our mission is to deliver products that helps the task of quitting smoking as easy as possible. We make sure our products are of the highest quality and our support is there for you if you need us! Our customer service team is based in the UK as well as our dispatching warehouse.

What nicotine pouch brands do snusmail.co.uk sell? 

On snusmail.co.uk, our most popular brand is DIP, but we also sell Nordic Spirit, VELO and other great brands of nicotine pouches.

We’ve hand picked what we believe to be the leading brands of nicotine pouches, and offer the flavours we think you’ll love as well as offering a variety of Nicotine strengths to cater for everyone’s needs. Our selection of products we sell are available to view here.

what strength nicotine pouches can i buy from Snusmail.co.uk?

The strongest nicotine pouches we sell is 12mg/g and the lowest strength nicotine pouch is 4mg/g. If you are new to nicotine pouches, we recommend starting with the 4mg one and then moving from there to stronger ones if needed.

If you are not used to high nicotine content, then using a high strength pouch may cause you to suffer from adverse side effects from too much nicotine. But don’t panic as these side effects are relatively low key and don’t last too long.

How to order snus by mail?

Yes you can, all of the nicotine pouches we offer on our website are available for mail order and shipped directly from our warehouse based in the UK!

We’ve written a separate blog all about how you can order your Nicotine Pouches from us at Snusmail and what the process involves. Be sure to check it out after you’ve finished here if you have any more questions or queries as we explained all you need to know about the process of ordering with us here at Snusmail.

Why Snusmail.co.uk

So we’ve explained who we are and what we do, but the question may still be lurking in the back of your mind on why you should use and trust Snusmail as your preferred retailer for Nicotine Pouches. Well, if we haven’t sold ourselves well enough yet, let us make a few bullet points to highlight what we can offer you when picking us as your nicotine pouch retailer;

  • We only stock products that we believe are the leading brands of nicotine pouches and that we can proudly sell. From the biggest selling brands in Europe all the way to brand new and exciting brands to come from the UK, we offer a great range of brands for people to try!
  • A large range of nicotine pouches, by different brands, in varying flavours and stregnths of nicotine make for a great range of products.
  • UK based Customer support available 8-5 Monday to Friday, our team works hard and ensures that they meet our high standards that we set out so first class customer service is delivered in all areas every single time.
  • Fast shipping and delivery times, as all orders are picked and packed in the UK.

Ready to quit smoking with nicotine pouches?

Want to read more about nicotine pouches or are you ready to give it a shot? Read more from our blog on how you can quit smoking and switch to nicotine pouches or check our most liked products down below! While waiting for our fast shipping to be delivered, go follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

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