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Product Review – VELO Polar Mint

Recently, I had the opportunity to try and review VELO polar mint Nicotine Pouches. VELO Nicotine Pouches are one of the biggest globally known brands of Nicotine Pouches, with them being one of the top-selling brands of Nicotine Pouches not only in the UK, but also in the USA also. They’re a hugely respected brand of Nicotine Pouch, and many people will turn to use them due to this fact.

In this blog, I’m going to give you an insight into the history of VELO Nicotine Pouches, as well as giving my own personal views on VELO after recently using them and seeing whether the quality matched up to the size of the brand name.

VELO Nicotine Pouches

VELO Nicotine Pouches are made by British American Tobacco, or BAT for short. They were first introduced onto the market by BAT in 2019, but under two different brand names. LYFT was the brand name of Nicotine Pouches in the UK, whilst VELO was the name used across the globe where it rose in popularity fast. Sales figures in USA and Sweden saw a large uprise with the introduction of VELO, and this has continued to stay at a steady rate since they were first introduced.

BAT wanted to create their own brand of Nicotine Pouches to pledge towards a “tobacco free future” by creating a tobacco free alternative for Nicotine with 99% less toxicants which Nicotine Pouches have in.

In 2022, BAT made the choice to rebrand LYFT to VELO in the UK, so that the name was known globally rather than just in certain countries. And with this, VELO signed a massive multi year sponsorship deal with the McLaren Racing Team in Formula One. VELO is one of the pillars of the Nicotine Pouch industry, with them holding a large chunk of the market share alongside other top brands of Nicotine Pouches.

VELO Nicotine Pouches offer great flavour choices

One of the large appealing things about VELO to me personally, as well as to many others I’m assuming, is their great ranges of flavours that they have on offer. And on top of this, they also offer two different sizes of Nicotine Pouches, a Standard size, as well as a ‘Mini’ size, both of which I was fortunate to try.

VELO’s flavour menu really does stand out to me for what they offer. Of course, the traditional Mint flavours are well covered by VELO, with Polar Mint and Ice Cool taking care of the standard Peppermint and Spearmint flavours. But what is different is the “Cooling Storm” and “Freeze” flavour options they offer. Cooling Storm is a strong menthol taste, with a hint of Peppermint and a strong Cooling effect, and Freeze is similar, but without the Menthol taste, instead a strong peppermint flavour with a cooling effect to boot.

But where VELO stands out compared to others is the unique fruit flavours that they have on offer. Tropic Breeze is a sweet combination of different tropical fruit flavours, Ruby Berry is a sweet stand-alone strawberry flavour, Royal Violet is a fresh red grape flavour and Urban Vibe is a combination of Cranberry, Cherry and Berries. As I said, really unique flavour combinations that VELO offer and it is what makes them stand out from the others.

A review on VELO Nicotine Pouches

I felt a bit spoilt for choice when it came to picking which flavour I wanted to try, but ultimately settled on trying the standard Polar Mint flavour, and I opted for the “Mini” pouch design as I hadn’t tried one before.

First Impressions

The design of the can pretty simplistic, and similar to other cans of Nicotine Pouches. A nice shade of mint green is the colour theme here, due to being a Mint flavour which makes sense. The colour runs all around the edge of the can on the label, as well as on the front of the can also. The VELO logo and POLAR MINT are stand out in a metallic silver colour which I thought looked nice.

Ingredients and Safety Information

On the bottom side of the can, the ingredients are clearly listed as well as all relative safety information regarding using Nicotine Pouches which is good to see.

What is cool that I like is that the sticker also is double plyed, and you can peel it back to reveal more safety information, as well as a simplistic guide on how to use a Nicotine Pouch, with diagrams showing how to put one in place in your mouth.

It also emphasises people to recycle their empty cans when they’re finished with, which again is good to see as it’s relatively important for the correct procedures of recycling being followed.

Opening the Can

It’s really easy to open the can and access the pouches, as the seal around the edge is a simple perforated edge which can be broken by simply running your fingernail around the can to break the seal. The top also features a compartment to dispose of your discarded pouches which is really convenient for if you’re on the go and can’t access a bin to dispose of them. The lid snaps firmly in place each time and is easy to open as well.

The pouches

And here we are, the main event, and the reason you’re probably reading this blog, my experience using a VELO Polar Mint nicotine pouch.

When I opened the can up, the strong smell of a sweet spearmint scent hit me near enough instantly. The pouches were neatly packed in the can, and there was 20 of them in total as what comes with any can. The Mini size really are mini which took me back a bit, they’re probably half the size of a “standard” nicotine pouch that I’m used to using.

I took one out and put it between my upper gum and lip and the instant flavour release was superb. A nice sweet cooling Spearmint flavour that lasted for the 30 minutes I had the Nicotine pouch in for.

The tingling sensation that comes with nicotine pouches wasn’t too overpowering, and soon went after the first 5/10 minutes. The Nicotine strength I used was 10mg, as I do have a high tolerance for Nicotine, and I could feel the effects of the nicotine all throughout while it was in situ.

As I mentioned, I used this for about 30 minutes before taking it out and disposing of it in the bin. Overall, I really was impressed with these nicotine pouches, the flavour, the size of the pouch and the nicotine release really was spot on.


To conclude, I was very impressed with VELO Nicotine Pouches. I can see why they are hugely popular amongst frequent Nicotine Pouch users, as the flavour and nicotine concentration was on point.

I really rate the flavour selection that they offer as well, by having some more “obscure” flavour choices that other brands do not have, they’re doing the right thing by making themselves stand out in what is becoming a big market with a lot of different brands of Nicotine pouches entering into the frame.

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