nicotine pouch use to rise with new regulations?

Nicotine Pouch Use To Rise With New Vaping & Smoking Regulations?

Last week, the UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak unveiled the UK Government’s plans to crack down on youth vaping, and the number of people smoking in the UK by introducing new legislations that will prevent young people from buying tobacco products, as well as removing Disposable Vapes from sale and also limiting what vape flavours are available to purchase.

This has caused shockwaves through the vaping community, and vaping as we know it may be changing but what was not mentioned in all of this was any changes being introduced to Nicotine Pouches. So the question bares; will there be a rise in Nicotine Pouch usage with these new regulations coming into effect?

In this blog, I’m going to look at Mr Sunak’s proposals in depth, as well as explaining why Nicotine Pouch use could see a rise and why it’s good to start making the change to use Nicotine Pouches if you haven’t already, and help contribute towards a smoke free generation in the United Kingdom.

british prime minister rishi sunak delivering speech

The Dawn Of A “Historic New Law”

In a speech delivered to fellow party members and broadcast across the UK, Rishi Sunak laid out plans for what he called a “historic new law” to be rolled out which would stop children who turn 14 this year, or younger from buying tobacco products in England, and this would begin the formation of a smoke free generation.

“Tobacco Products” is quite a broad category, and this obviously includes cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco, as well as vaping products and potentially Nicotine Pouches, despite the latter two things not actually containing any form of tobacco, they still get categorised under “tobacco products” which is a bit odd if you ask me.

Sunak wants to raise the age limit one year every year until it applies to the whole population, effectively making smoking obsolete by young people by the year 2040. Looking at previous goals and targets set out by the Government, they wanted England to become a smoke free country by the year 2030 but this target has always been set to miss due to the lack of input and regulations being put in place by the Government, so it seems 2040 is the new landmark year.

It’s a well known fact that Smoking is the biggest cause of avoidable death in the UK, causing 1 in 4 cancer deaths and constituting to 64,000 deaths every year in the UK alone and this is why something needs to be done to bring these numbers down.

Vaping Regulations To Be Changed Also

Sunak then moved on to discuss the new regulations being planned to be rolled out which will heavily affect the vaping industry as we know it today, and not only the industry, but to the millions of adult vapers as well.

Youth Vaping has been a problem for a while, with an increase of usage amongst 11-17 year olds consistently creeping up over the last couple of years, and it’s now got to a point where the Government are intervening and doing something about it, but at what cost is it going to come at for adult vapers?

The big plan is to remove Disposable Vapes entirely from sale which will stop the problem out right, but the problem here is that they are not solely used by 11-17 year olds, and adults are using them as a a quitting tool to give up cigarettes, which Sunak does acknowledge within his speech, so banning them completely could cause complications to adult users of them.

He also mentioned plans to restrict vape flavours and how they are described to make them “less tempting to children” this is something which is a good idea on paper, but looking at the bigger picture, this could cause serious problems for adult vapers who are relying on vape flavours to continue to abstain from smoking cigarettes.

Studies have shown that vape flavours help make the transition from smoking to vaping a lot easier, and a lot of adult vapers rely on vape flavours to keep them from going back to smoking, so to ban them completely seems quite brash and could cause a negative impact as apposed to a positive impact which I’m sure the Government are hoping for.

person using a nicotine pouch. how long do nicotine pouches last for?

Nicotine Pouch Use To Rise?

Within this speech by Rishi Sunak, Nicotine Pouches were not mentioned directly, but as mentioned they are classed under the “tobacco product” category which was mentioned.

The lack of mentioning of Nicotine Pouches in this speech does make me wonder whether now will be the time that a spike in usage of Nicotine Pouches amongst adults in the UK could be imminent, as they did not get mentioned in all of Sunak’s speech and I feel that making the change to using them now could potentially be a fine choice if you’re considering it.

With the potential restrictions being imposed on vape flavours, now could be the time to test the waters and try Nicotine Pouches if you haven’t already and get used to them. A pouch is rested between the upper lip and gum and the nicotine is then absorbed through the gum and into the blood stream, offering a smoke/vape/inhalation free method for nicotine delivery.

If you’re currently a vaper or even a smoker and looking for an alternative for Nicotine, then Nicotine Pouches could be the answer for you. As it stands, it doesn’t look like there’s any impending restrictions being imposed on them, and they are proven to be an effective tool to help quit smoking or even transition from vaping, so it’s worth giving them a try!

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