White fox nicotine pouches article

White fox nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are beginning to rise in popularity by people looking to use alternative forms of nicotine replacement therapy. There are several different brands available on today’s market, but one of them that stands out is White Fox. White Fox have become a leading brand of nicotine pouches that are sold in the UK, and are well renowned for their extra strong nicotine strength pouches and innovative pouch design. I’m going to look at this brand in more detail and give you more of an insight about White Fox nicotine pouches and what they offer!

Who makes White Fox Nicotine Pouches?

White Fox nicotine pouches are made by GN Tobacco. GN Tobacco are an established and well-known Snus manufacturer in Sweden and have now taken their expertise in Snus pouch making, and transferred it over to making high quality premium white pouches that only contain nicotine and flavourings that are completely different from Snus. Incase you didn’t know, SNUS is banned from being sold in the United Kingdom, as well as many other countries in Europe with Sweden and a few others being the only European countries it’s legal to be sold in.

After their renowned success in the Snus market, they now want to transfer their abilities into making high quality nicotine pouches which they seem to be achieving!

Innovative white pouch design

White Fox nicotine pouches are designed in the same style as most other white pouches, but they do feature a very innovative design feature that’s not seen used by other brands.

White Fox pouches are made of a fleece like material, which is used to give users a comfortable experience when using their nicotine pouches. The material is also used to help enhance the nicotine experience for the user, as this will help the release of the nicotine in the correct proportions for it not to be too overpowering. Meaning users can use the higher strength nicotine pouches without it being too overpowering, as the nicotine release is controlled by the fleece material barrier.

This also helps the flavour and nicotine last longer so pouches will last longer when being used, thus resulting in tins lasting longer as the user won’t be using pouches frequently compared to other brands.

Well known for their high nicotine strengths

White Fox offer some of the highest nicotine strength pouches on the market today, and it is one of the things they are most well known for.

White Fox offer five different flavours within their range of white pouches, and all of them come in a 16mg nicotine strength, but the standout flavour that they offer is their “Black All White” flavour, which is a strong peppermint flavour and is available in their highest nicotine content which is 30mg. It’s advised these are only used by people who are used to high strength nicotine intake, either from white pouches, vape juice or from smoking cigarettes.

The use of essential oils to enhance the user experience

Another innovative design feature that White Fox utilises is the use of Essential Oils in their nicotine pouches. The reason they use essential oils is to enhance the flavours they use to make each pouch be really strong and flavoursome, and the essential oils also enhance the nicotine experience for the users as well. The use of these essential oils is completely safe, and fine to be included in nicotine pouches, and White Fox use them to give the user a full powered nicotine and flavour experience with every single pouch that’s used!

Does White Fox nicotine pouches contain tobacco?

No, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco. Whilst they are produced by GN Tobacco who are well known for their Snus production, they do not include any tobacco whatsoever in their white pouches. As I’ve already mentioned Snus is illegal to be sold in the UK.

How to buy White Fox pouches in the UK

You can purchase White Fox nicotine pouches from us at Snusmail. We offer the All White flavour in a 16mg nicotine strength. Each tin comes with 20 white pouches and only costs £4 per tin.

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