Are nicotine pouches here to stay

Are Nicotine Pouches Here To Stay?

Nicotine Pouches has been around on the market for longer than what some people realise, having first been introduced in the mid 2010’s. But it wasn’t until 2019 that there was a real surge in popularity with more brands entering on to the market as well as them being more readily available at retail outlets across Europe with more countries choosing to promote and back the use of Nicotine Pouches.

And from this point, the Nicotine Pouches i.e. White pouches market has grown quite significantly, and it’s also forecast to consistently grow from now until the year 2030, as projections and forecasts have been done by experts based on the current rate of growth figures. But will it happen?

In this article, I’m going to take a look at the current rate of growth in market value of Nicotine Pouches and also take a look at whether or not Nicotine Pouches actually have any longevity in the market and will the growth continue to happen. Let’s get into it!

How Nicotine Pouch Usage Has Grown

As I mentioned in the introduction of this article, Nicotine Pouches have actually been around in some shape or form for a lot longer than you may think. The first inception of a Nicotine Pouch was created in the mid-2000s by a small startup company called Niconovum, and they registered their first products in 2009 with 2mg Nicotine content being contained with them. Later that year, RJ Reynolds acquired the company. RJ Reynolds may not sound familiar as they now go under British American Tobacco, who are one of the giants that make up the Big Tobacco moniker.

Different brands of Nicotine Pouches continued to enter the market in the 2010’s, with some big names which are well known today entering the fray such as Zyn and Lyft, however, Lyft was later rebranded as VELO who are owned by British American Tobacco also. And it was then in 2019 that the surge in popularity of Nicotine Pouches really started to take off as global awareness of these products began to grow.

At the end of 2019, it’s estimated that global usage of Nicotine Pouches was around 4% total, which is fairly low, but fast forward to 2021, and the statistics show that approximately 7% usage rate globally, which may not sound a lot but this is nearly doubled in 2 years, so it shows that usage is increasing slowly, and one can only assume that this will continue as the years pass in sync.

Usage is not the only thing to grow over the years

As the heading above states, it’s not just usage that has grown, as the market value size has also sky rocketed quite significantly over time, which makes sense for it to happen as these two things go hand in hand.

As of 2022, the Global Nicotine Pouch Market size was estimated to be worth a whopping 1.5 billion USD and experts say based on market forecasts that this will increase by around 35.7% by the year 2030. Which is crazy to think that it could grow so significantly in what is a relatively short space of time. But why has this happened? Are more people believing in using Nicotine Pouches as their method of getting their Nicotine fix? I think so, and I’ll explain this in more detail below.

nicotine pouches usage

The safety of using Nicotine Pouches will help the longevity

Nicotine Pouches have many different benefits, from being a money saving option compared to the cost of smoking right up to them being a much safer alternative for nicotine when compared to the risks involved with smoking cigarettes. And for this reason of them being so much safer than smoking, or using Oral Tobacco products, I think this is why the longevity of Nicotine Pouches will increase and more people will opt to use them to get their Nicotine fix.

Nicotine Pouches do not emit any form of smoke or vapour meaning there is no inhaling involved when using them, which eliminates any risk of the lungs becoming irritated like they could be if you were a smoker. Vaping obviously carries a significantly reduced risk level when compared to smoking as well, but it does still involve inhaling the vapour into the lungs prior to exhaling, which some people have concerns over understandably.

Nicotine Pouches do not contain any form of tobacco either so there is no risk of consuming any chemicals or carcinogens what are normally found in tobacco leaves. Snus is what contains Tobacco but these have been banned from sale in the European Union and still in the UK despite them not being included in the EU anymore, since 1992 due to safety concerns as they are associated with high risk of mouth cancer as well as oesophageal cancer.

Sales of Nicotine Pouches also increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was largely down to the fact that many people quit smoking and vaping during this period of time due to fears of lung inflammation from inhaling either smoke or vapour as reports were being made that people were more prone to contracting Covid-19 if they smoked or vaped. Therefore people decided to pack that in and turn to using Nicotine Pouches as an alternative form to get their nicotine fix which wouldn’t involve inhaling anything to their lungs.


I personally think that the longevity of Nicotine Pouches is something that people are overlooking, and just label them as somewhat of a “flash in the pan” or the latest fad with Nicotine replacement options, but I think this is a pretty harsh type casting as the growth of the market value as well as the amount of people using them globally is enough indication that they shouldn’t be classed as a “fad”

The safety of using Nicotine Pouches is a huge driving factor for people using them, and it should be promoted more to make people aware of the safety as they may not be fully educated on it, I certainly know I wasn’t before I embarked on my research journey about them!

If you’re considering giving Nicotine Pouches a try, then be sure to check out the great range of brands and flavours we have on offer in our online store, and order Nicotine Pouches from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your door!

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