how many nicotine pouches i can use in a day

How many nicotine pouches can I use in a day?

If you’re new to using nicotine pouches as your nicotine replacement therapy option, either as an alternative to what you had already previously been using such as e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, nicotine patches etc or if you’ve recently stopped smoking and want to still use a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy to get your nicotine fix, and you’ve opted to use Nicotine Pouches as just that. 

I’ve written several other blogs for people who are new to using Nicotine Pouches and searching how to get started, but one question remains unanswered that I haven’t discussed, and it’s quite a common question a lot don’t know the answer to, and that is “how many Nicotine Pouches should I use in a day?” and the answer is…well, there’s isn’t really a definitive answer for it! But in this blog, I’m going to give you an insight of how many a day you should be using, and guidelines on how many to use them and when to use them. 

How many Nicotine Pouches can I use in a day? 

As I mentioned, there really isn’t a definitive answer to how many pouches are the “right amount” to use in a day. It really does depend on your personal circumstances, with the amount you previously smoked playing a part to how high your nicotine tolerance will be. 

You’ll likely want to use a Nicotine Pouch as and when you start having cravings for Nicotine, which should match up to when you previously smoked, well almost. Most Nicotine Pouches will give a lasting effect of Nicotine being absorbed into your body for around 45-60 minutes before you then dispose of the pouch. You won’t want to “chain” use Nicotine Pouches, meaning taking one out and then putting another straight in, as your body won’t be craving Nicotine immediately after using a Nicotine pouch. 

The average person will likely use around 10-12 pouches a day, which is equivalent to half a can of Nicotine Pouches. This does vary from person to person though, as it may be more or may be less in some cases. Which is why I say there isn’t a definitive answer of how many you can use in a day. 

How many Nicotine Pouches should I use in a day? 

As I mentioned, you’ll want to use a Nicotine Pouch when you get the cravings for nicotine start creeping in, which will be around similar times to when you’d previously had a cigarette or used your e-cigarette. 

The average person will spend up to around 15 hours a day awake, so let’s use that as a base for how much you should use. Most Nicotine Pouches will have an effect for up to 60 minutes, and as I mentioned, you won’t want to be using one then taking it out and putting another in as this may make you feel sick from too much nicotine (even if you have a high nicotine tolerance, it can still be overwhelming to some) 

If you were a light smoker, you’ll probably be fine using a pouch then leaving it 45-60 minutes until you feel the urge to use another one. This is because your nicotine cravings will not be as high of someone who’s got a high tolerance from being a heavy smoker. The average amount of pouches used in a day being around 8-10 a day. 

If you were a heavy smoker, and smoked continually throughout the day, you’ll likely be wanting to use a pouch sooner than the above mentioned, more around the 30-45 minutes from finishing your previous one. The average amount of pouches used in a day being around 10-12 a day.

As I’ve stressed, there is no right or wrong, nor definitive answer on how many pouches you can use in a day as it all comes down to personal preference, and it essentially does come down to trial and error to find what works for you. If you do find you’re overusing pouches, you will start to feel nauseous from the nicotine being too much. If this does happen, then you should stop using them as frequently and give yourself a little break from using them. 

How often are other Nicotine Replacement Therapy options used in a day? 

I thought I would talk about other Nicotine Replacement Therapy options and discuss how often they are recommended to be used according to the advice given on the packaging. As mentioned, Nicotine Replacement Therapy options have been around for a while, with more traditional methods being used such as sprays, gum, patches and lozenges. It’s only in recent years that E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Pouches have picked up in popularity that people have preferred using them. 

Looking at the popular brand of Nicotine patches and Lozenges called NiQuitin, their website states that; 

A nicotine patch should be changed every 16 to 24 hours to ensure the maximum absorption rate is reached to help keep nicotine cravings down to a minimum. 

A lozenge or nicotine gum should be used every 1-2 hours. But bare in mind, these are considerably weaker than what Nicotine Pouches are, with strengths being either 2mg or 4mg in strength. Also, they do not have the same effect of absorption like what Nicotine Pouches have.

It also says that Nicotine Gum can be used alongside a Nicotine Patch as both are relatively low nicotine mg content. I would not recommend using Nicotine Pouches alongside any other traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy option as this could lead to adverse effects from too much nicotine being absorbed into your system. 

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