are nicotine pouches better than vape

Are nicotine pouches better than vaping?

It goes without saying that Nicotine pouches are better than smoking cigarettes. This comes down to the fact that nicotine pouches contain zero tobacco or harmful additives like what a cigarette contains, but are nicotine pouches better than vaping?

Vaping is also a lot better and safer than smoking as research over the years has shown, but are nicotine pouches better to use over an e-cigarette as well as traditional cigarettes? That’s what I am going to look at in this article, so let’s take a look in to this subject in more detail.

Why are Nicotine Pouches safer than cigarettes?

As I mentioned above, Nicotine Pouches do not contain any trace of tobacco or harmful additives like what a cigarette does. Each cigarette contains approximately 600 different chemicals that combine to make a traditional cigarette, and when a cigarette is lit, it can produce up to 7000 different chemicals with a high percentage of them being harmful to the body.

The most prominent chemicals that are created from a lit cigarette is carbon monoxide and tar which can lead to serious lung and heart disease as well as cancer that effects different vital organs within the human body.

Life expectancy of a smoker is a lot less than those who are not smokers, and the risks of contracting a serious disease or illness as stated above is very high. However, people who give up smoking will shorten these risk percentages by quite a significant amount when they stop smoking.

Nicotine pouches are a great alternative for people who are wanting to quit smoking, as they will provide the person with the nicotine that they are accustomed to, just without all the harmful chemicals that come with smoking cigarettes.

You may be thinking that Nicotine pouches do actually contain tobacco, but they do not. What you’re likely thinking of is Snus. Snus originates from Sweden, and they are a similar design to Nicotine pouches but the difference being they contain tobacco whereas nicotine pouches sold here in the UK do not.

Snus is illegal to be sold here in the UK and has been for many years. It’s also the same in a lot of countries around Europe, apart from Sweden where it is hugely popular and mostly manufactured there due to it being its country of origin.

Are nicotine pouches safer than vaping?

Vaping has been labelled as 95% safer than smoking by Public Health England and is also now being backed by GPs and localised stop smoking services within the UK as a safer and healthier nicotine replacement therapy over smoking.

E-liquid that is used within an E-Cigarette does not contain any harmful additives, and all e-liquids produced and sold in the UK must undergo rigorous testing and compliance checks before being sold.

People will opt to use an e-cigarette and nicotine containing e-liquid as their alternative to smoking so that they can still get their nicotine fix.

Despite the backing and advocacy on vaping, people are still sceptical about them as they have not been around long enough to give any long-term research studies and reports on them.

So lies the question, are nicotine pouches better than vaping? Well, we know they’re certainly safer than cigarettes, and in my opinion using nicotine pouches are a lot more convenient than vaping as the upsides to nicotine pouches are quite plentiful and good for if you’re someone who is on the go a lot, travels often or works in a busy environment where you cannot get out for “vape breaks” very often. I’ll go into detail why they are more convenient below.

How are Nicotine pouches more convenient than Vaping?

There are several different reasons as to why nicotine pouches are more convenient than vaping. I’ll go through the top reasons.


Not only do Nicotine pouches not contain tobacco, they also do not emit any form of smoke or vapour like what a cigarette/e-cigarette does. This is one of the main selling points for nicotine pouches is the innovative design and the high level of discretion that they have.

If you are a vaper, or seen anyone vaping, you’ll know that they all produce a cloud of vapour, some big and some small, but still it cannot be avoided being made when someone takes a puff on their device. If you’re in a closed proximity with a lot of people around, you may find yourself unpopular with the crowd by giving off these clouds of vapor as some people may not like it.

With nicotine pouches, they are purposely designed to be small and discreet in design so you can just place it under your lip to rest between your lip and gum and you can begin to absorb the nicotine from your pouch. And with them being small, people won’t even notice you’ve got one in place so ideal if you’re heading in to a meeting or talking on the phone at work!

Freedom to use wherever you want

If you travel a lot for work on public transport, or work in an office environment, you obviously cannot vape in these places so you may find you’ll struggle to get your nicotine fix. Using nicotine pouches will solve this issue as they don’t give off any form of smoke and vapor as I’ve already mentioned.

This means you have the freedom to use them wherever you wanted to do when you get the cravings for nicotine, just pop a pouch in place and you’ll be set!

These can also be used on airplanes as well if you have a long haul flight and wonder how you’re going to get your nicotine fix, nicotine pouches are the answer!

No chance of developing vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is a common problem amongst vapers. This occurs if somebody vapes the same flavour consistently and eventually the flavour of the vape juice will become muted to them and won’t taste like it usually does. Vape juice can cause dry mouth, and this heavily affects the taste buds and things will not taste right. This is reversible and very short term though so don’t panic if you are a vaper and this hasn’t happened to you!

With nicotine pouches, this won’t happen as they won’t cause your mouth to become dry or effect your tastebuds. You can get a wide variety of different flavours of nicotine pouches, and you’ll be able to taste the full flavour of them at all times.

You’ll succeed in quitting smoking a bit easier

Vaping does help people quit smoking, there’s no denying it. However, when it comes to wanting to vape in public places, vapers do have to go into designated smoking areas and share an environment filled with people smoking and cigarette smoke lingering around in the air.

People who tried to vape to give up smoking and unfortunately relapsed have reported it was hard being around people smoking and not being able to resist the temptation to light up again instead of using their vape.

Nicotine pouches are so convenient and discreet that you won’t have to venture outside and fraternise with the smoking crowd, instead you can stay in and just pop a pouch in and resist those urgers of smoking and cut down your chances of relapsing and turning back to cigarettes.

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