Nicotine Pouches Are Better Than Disposable Vapes

Can Nicotine Pouches Replace Disposable Vapes?

If you haven’t been keeping with the news of the vaping world, you wouldn’t know about the newest and latest craze that’s sweeping the vaping world and that is the production, sale and use of Disposable Vapes.

Despite the craze and popularity of these devices, there’s a considerable amount of bad press and feelings towards these devices and some countries have resorted to banning the sale of these devices as well as festivals in the UK prohibiting them from being bought onto site.

So with these new restrictions and prohibitions put in place, does this create an opportunity for Nicotine Pouches to fill the void of this new potential gap in the market so people can still get their Nicotine fix in a much more convenient, discreet and also environmentally friendly way? Let’s take a look at it in more detail!

The Problems Disposable Vapes Are Causing

I’ll talk a little bit about Disposable Vapes to get this blog started, and the problems that are arising with the amount of people using them.

Disposable Vapes are single use vaping devices that are have a built in small lithium ion battery and are pre filled with 2ml of vape juice, and the device is used until either the battery runs flat or all of the vape juice is used, and then the device is disposed of.

But they have to be disposed of into normal waste, despite them being made of plastic as they battery contained inside the device stops them from being able to be recycled, and there are millions being dumped into landfill every month causing issues for waste sites.

As well as this, they’re also massively appealing to younger users and is causing the youth vaping statistics in each country to rise to concerning levels. When I say youths, this means 11-17 year olds who are not of legal age to use them.


How Nicotine Pouches Are Better Than Disposable Vapes

If you didn’t already know, Nicotine Pouches are much better than what Disposable Vapes are for many different reasons, and I’ll document a few of them below;

Bio-Degradable Material – The materials used to make the actual pouch itself is made from fibrous natural material, and this will degrade over time in a relatively quick way, when compared to plastic which can take hundreds of years to rot and degrade, so Nicotine Pouches going into land fill are a lot more environmentally friendly than what Disposable Vapes are

Use On The Go and Anywhere You Want To – Using Nicotine Pouches means you won’t be restricted to where you can use them to get your nicotine fix, like you would be if you used a Disposable Vape. A lot of indoor places and venues do not allow the use of Disposable Vapes or Vape devices to be used due to the vapour expelled from them. Nicotine Pouches produce no vapour which means you can use them anywhere you want without causing disruption to whatever you’re doing.

No Inhalation Required – Vaping is considerably safer than smoking cigarettes, but still involves inhaling particles and vapour into the lungs which some people do not want to do. Nicotine Pouches are completely inhale free, as well as not expelling any vapour either so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be inhaling anything you don’t want to.

disposable vapes banned in certain countries and uk music festivals

The Hammer Comes Down On Disposable Vapes

Several countries have took steps to clamp down on the problems that Disposable Vapes are causing, with the ban of sale of these devices in several countries and likely many more to be happening over the next 12 months it seems.

France is the latest country to announce their intention to ban the sale of Disposable Vapes due to youth vaping figures increasing rapidly. As well as New Zealand imposing that single use vaping devices MUST have a removable battery, which means current Disposables would not be allowed to be sold as the battery is not removeable.

Several big music festivals in the UK also put Disposable Vapes on the prohibited item list from being bought in to the festivals as they do not want discarded Disposable Vapes littering the fields where animals will come back to roam as these are hugely hazardous to animals due to the battery as well as nicotine vape juice being contained inside them.

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches announced partnership with big festivals in the UK such as Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds Festival, Parklife Festival and Download Festival to have dedicated Nordic Spirit stalls selling their brand of Nicotine Pouches to encourage people to try something new to get their Nicotine fix, was this the right thing to do?

I personally think so and the more awareness created over the benefit of using Nicotine Pouches the better in my opinion, as Disposable Vapes are causing huge issues everywhere around the world it seems, and the promotion of Nicotine Pouches to replace them being used just makes sense to me!

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