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Why Buying Nicotine Pouches Online Is More Convenient

You’ve probably seen Nicotine Pouches for sale when you go into your local supermarket, convenience store, petrol station or even in your local vape shop. This is because the popularity of Nicotine Pouches has significantly grown over the last few years with more people choosing to use white pouches as their form of Nicotine replacement therapy, therefore more retailers are choosing to stock them so they’re accessible to all who want to use them.

There are also a lot of online retailers stocking a great range of Nicotine Pouches now as well, and in this article I’m going to look at why choosing an online retailer to buy nicotine pouches online not only helps the business you buy from, but also is majorly convenient for you. Let’s get into it!

How Nicotine Pouch sales have grown over the last few years

Nicotine Pouches have been around for a lot longer than some people may think, with the first introduction of Nicotine Pouches happening in 2008/2009 by an independent company. This company was then acquired by British American Tobacco who nurtured the idea and created their own brand of Nicotine Pouches from this. But it wasn’t until around 2016 that they really started to take off.

In 2019, Nicotine Pouches began really gaining traction, with a 4% global usage rate being reported from statistics. Big Tobacco companies had started getting involved with them which in turn helped create more awareness down to the volume of advertising and production volumes also due to the amount of money that was being injected into these projects.

By the end of 2022, the global usage of Nicotine Pouches had grown to 7% which may not sound a lot, but it’s almost double the amount in just under a 3 year time frame which I think is fairly impressive. And by the end of 2022, there were 138 different brands of Nicotine Pouches available on the market, created by 62 different companies which goes to show just how popular they have become and how many companies are believing these to be the next big thing when it comes to Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

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Retailers start stocking Nicotine Pouches

As I mentioned, in current day, you can obtain Nicotine Pouches here in the UK at nearly all major supermarkets, as well as petrol stations and also local convenience stores. This is down to the fact that several leading brands of Nicotine Pouches are owned by Big Tobacco companies and they encourage stores to have large displays and stands behind the counter to promote their products, Nordic Spirit and VELO being the most popular ones sold here in the UK.

Nicotine Pouches are significantly more popular in the USA than what they are in the UK due to ZYN, a brand of Nicotine Pouch created by Swedish Match who are now owned by Philip Morris International, being so hugely popular amongst younger users (who are of legal age to use them)

I took a look at some statistics which showed that the Covid-19 pandemic had quite a significant impact on the sales of Nicotine Pouches and not in a negative way either. A lot of people chose to use Nicotine Pouches as their way to get Nicotine as they did not want to inhale anything, such as cigarettes or an e-cigarettes, due to concerns of lung inflammation which could have lead to contracting Covid-19.

Retailers saw the demand for Nicotine Pouches from their customers and a lot of them decided to get on board and start stocking Nicotine Pouches to keep up with the demand, and in turn increase their profits from selling such an “in demand” product due to people wanting to make the switch. I guess that’s one good thing that’s come from the Covid-19 pandemic?!

But it wasn’t just bricks and mortar stores that jumped on board to sell Nicotine Pouches, as more online retailers decided to start selling the tins of white pouches as well, with several new businesses being created and offering Nicotine Pouches to consumers as well. Let’s have a look at why ordering your Nicotine Pouches online is probably the best option if you’re wanting to stock up or try Nicotine Pouches for the first time!

Ordering your Nicotine Pouches online is the way forward!

Whilst buying Nicotine Pouches at the stores I’ve mentioned above is useful so you don’t have to wait around for delivery and have them right there and then in your hand, there are a lot more benefits to ordering your Nicotine Pouches from a trusted online retailer like us here at Snusmail, let’s take a look in some detail as to why I think this is;

  • Full Discretion – Ordering Nicotine Pouches online gives you full discretion when purchasing compared to buying them at a shop. You may not want people knowing that you’re using a Nicotine product, and may be concerned of someone who you know seeing you buy your Nicotine Pouches. By ordering from us at Snusmail, you have full discretion and anonymity meaning you can buy your pouches with peace of mine
  • More Brands and Flavour Options – When you buy your pouches from a shop, chances are the options are going to be fairly slim and narrow. Only a couple of brands, as well as flavours and Nicotine strengths available for you to purchase. This is probably down to the fact they do not have the storage capabilities to stock loads of brands so the selection choice is bottlenecked. At Snusmail, we stock the big brands but also some new exciting brands of Nicotine Pouches that you may not see anywhere else, so your options become much more plentiful by ordering online!
  • Convenience is Key – As I mentioned, buying your pouches from a shop means you can have them there and then without any waiting around for delivery. But, this does mean you have to go out and buy your pouches. Where as ordering online from Snusmail, you don’t have to leave your home, you can order your pouches and we will send them the same day if ordered before 2pm and they’ll be delivered to your door the very next day!
  • Competitive Pricing – Most shops will have the same pricing brackets for Nicotine Pouches, set out to them as an RRP (recommended retail price) but online stores can have the ability to be more flexible with their pricing of certain brands to make it more competitive. Here at Snusmail, we try to be as competitive as possible with our pricing and offering you Nicotine Pouches at the cheapest price possible so everyone is happy!
  • You’re supporting a “smaller” business – There’s nothing wrong with buying pouches from Supermarkets or big chain convenience stores, but if you opted to buy your pouches from us at Snusmail, you’re supporting a new business who appreciates your custom! Smaller and newer businesses need as much support as possible compared to the supermarket tycoons scattered across cities around the country. So know that if you buy your Nicotine Pouches from Snusmail, we appreciate you and aim to give you the best service possible!

We now reach the conclusion of this article, and I hope that this has given an insight as to just how convenient it is to buy your Nicotine Pouches from online retailers like us here at Snusmail, and how much it means to us by choosing us as your trusted online retailer of Nicotine Pouches!

Be sure to check out our online store and see just how much we offer with new and exciting brands of Nicotine Pouches as well as flavour options a plenty!

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